Friday, February 18, 2011

The Internet Exploding

So this week I read articles by Jorge Borges, Bill Viola, and Tim Berners-Lee. After reading their points of view of the Internet, I was not at all in shock. What I received from the readings was that the Internet would soon power our society. Were they wrong? Think about it. At Lawrence University, when the network is down for hours, students and faculty both are loosing their minds. Sad, but it is true.

The World Wide Web is so much more advanced today; it can link so many different themes in one passage, like a blog. I sit here and think about the different social networking spaces that are available to the world, and how hypertext and HTML have both contributed to the Internet exploding the way it has. For the purpose of my final project, we have to come up with a product and sell it. Jinglie, my partner, and I have decided to create posters and T-Shirts and sell them at a launch party. In order for any of this to be successful, we desperately need the Internet. The web is this cycle that our society tends to rely on. 


  1. Your ability to communicate your concerns about gentrification are greatly enhanced. Your video could become a tool for reaching out to a growing audience you'd like to know more about this issue!

  2. Isn't it tough to think that the X files began before wide spread usage and understanding of the internet. I mean maybe I have just been watching a lot of X-files lately, but shits crazy.

  3. No, actually X-files ran parallel to increasing use of the Web!