Friday, March 11, 2011

Systematic Destruction

Well, the term is over and my final project was publically viewed at Lawrence University today. Jinglie and I worked extremely hard for ten weeks to construct this music video. I truthfully think the ending result was beyond amazing. It was a joy to work with Jinglie, he really is stylish in everything he does. To Azati Williams and Corey Torres, the artists who helped create the song, I thank  you as well. This video was such a major collaboration assignment and I enjoyed every moment of it. The rendering on Final Cut Express was not always fun, but it was worth it.  

Strikes our nation making it,
Better? No. Far worse.
“Systematic Destruction” is the title the music video Jinglie and I showed for our final piece. The video begins with a poetry slam between myself and Azati Williams. During the poetry slam, we chose to keep the background black and have different words that were being spoken appear in the background. I think this aspect of the video was captivating, intriguing and creative. Once this part of the video was over, we entered into the actual music video section of the video. Throughout the video we showed various parts of Chicago along with different alleys and graffiti images. The video was very stylish, full of color, and still delivered the overall message. Check out the video on Youtube


  1. I'm glad nobody got offended by the little effect I put in the video. And working you and all the other people together for this ten weeks has been fun.

  2. As I was telling Jinglei, I was really impressed with the final product. your collaboration really came together to accomplish all the goals you set. It looked really sharp in the cinema.

  3. Personally, i think you guys did a very great job given the time frame and the work involved in producing a music vidoe from scratch. The picture quality is great the artist are awesome. I think you guys can perform this on college campuses and in the communities as an educational outreach project since the message you are getting across is affecting people's lives. Congratulations!!!

  4. Your contribution to the video was important -- making an important political issue accessible through pop culture. Working and coordinating so many people plus writing poetry and working as a "producer" and "editor" is most impressive. Watch the spelling of proper names though, that's important stuff too. We hope it goes viral so it can help get your message out there!